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Webdunia contains links/connections to various sites which are governed by their particular privacy policies, which are beyond our ability to control. When you are outside our servers, our use of any data you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the administrator of the site you are visiting, which may differ from ours. When we present data to our advertisers to help us understand our audience and verify the benefit of advertising on our site, it is usually in the form of aggregated insights on traffic to different pages of our site Is.

All data collected on our sites is securely stored in an information base under our control. The databases are stored on secure password protected servers all behind firewalls. However as you may know, no system is impenetrable, no matter how effective the security measures. No advice obtained through the Webdunia Properties and Content should be relied upon for personal, medical, legal or financial decisions and you should consult a more appropriate professional for advice specific to your situation. And any data you include to present in the discussion areas is accessible to anyone with Internet access.

You specifically note and understand that on the Webdunia sites, some of the content is generated and downloaded by users through an interactive process. This content may include but is not limited to blog stories, general stories, video clippings, analysis and reviews, as you will know. Webdunia accepts no responsibility for their accuracy or suitability. You also agree that you shall not raise any claim or legal dispute with respect to such material also available on the Webdunia sites.

If you specifically agree that Webdunia will not transmit or receive Your transmissions or data, any content or data sent or received, or through Webdunia Assets and Content (including E-Mail) shall not be responsible for unauthorized access or alteration of any transaction as carried out. Services and automatically generated e-mails sent from our or third party servers) to maintain any of your e-mail account and data. You specifically agree that Webdunia is not responsible or liable for any threatening, libelous, obscene, offensive or illegal material or conduct of any other party or any infringement of other rights, including intellectual property rights. You specifically agree that Webdunia is not responsible for any content sent using the Webdunia Properties or any third party content included in the Webdunia Properties.

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As you know, the Internet is an ever-evolving medium. And we reserve our right to modify, update and amend the Privacy Policy at any time. Webdunia and/or its respective suppliers/contributors may make improvements and/or changes to the Webdunia Properties and Content at any time. As such our use of any data collected by us will be consistent with the policy under which the data was collected, regardless of policy updates.

We will not disclose your personal identity to any third party in connection with any disclosure of such interest. However, we reserve our right to disclose data about users, including personal information, if we are legally asked to do so.

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